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About Us

Style is a way to say
you are
to speak.”

- Rachel Zoe

Ruby & Oscar was established by passionate jewellery and fashion purveyors here in the UK, founded on the fundamental premise of offering our customers the most beautifully crafted jewellery of superior quality:

"The dedication and passion by our jewellery designers is evident in each and every piece. When designing jewellery you must be an independent thinker with a creative flair, able to work collaboratively with like-minded people while paying attention to the strength properties and longevity of an item."

Acting as a barometer for high quality jewellery designs and closely following the latest precious metal trends, Ruby & Oscar brings you a dynamic collection of the finest wearable art.

"While adhering to these rules, our designers have free reign to let their imaginations take the helm. I believe offering creative freedom to those you trust is key to creating something remarkable. I love our jewellery and I hope you do too."

David Adams – CEO