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What are Lab Created Gemstones?

Learn the different types of gemstones and how lab created alternatives can offer the most cost effective, eco-friendly jewellery without compromising on beauty.

While natural gemstones have long been the desired choice for those special jewellery purchases, lab created gemstones are increasing in popularity. Not to be confused with synthetic substitutes, lab created gemstones means that you can have equally beautiful alternatives to rarist and most beautiful gems.

What are the different types of gemstones?

Natural gemstones are formed of rock, crystals, minerals and other organic materials. These precious stones are formed using specific combinations of temperature, pressure, time and space deep in the earth. Before they are cut, gems look much like ordinary rocks- it is only once they have been cut and polished that the gems take on their high value. Many of these gems are hard-to-find including emerald, ruby and opal which makes the natural variants highly priced.

Argyle Diamond Mine

Lab created gemstones follow the same mineral composition of natural gems and mimic the natural formation process under controlled lab conditions. While natural gems typically have inclusions formed from gases and other minerals, lab created stones usually have fewer inclusions. To the average person, it would be very difficult to tell the difference between natural and lab created gems, only a trained eye with the correct equipment may be able to distinguish between the two.

Simulated gemstones are commonly synthetic stones used to imitate natural gemstones. Often using glass pieces and assembled stones, these can be presented as another gem, however gemological analysis would reveal its true composition as an imitation.

Simulated ruby

What are the benefits of lab created gemstones?

As well as making great savings on lab created gemstones, this alternative method of gem creation is significantly more environmentally friendly, with natural resources reserved. Lab created stones are also a great way to grow your jewellery collection with greater clarity gems at a reasonable cost.